Report ICE Raids, Abuse, Discrimination, or Harrassment / Reporte Redadas, Abuso, Discriminación o Intimidación

En caso de Redadas reporta inmediatamente al 1-844-363-1423, para más información manda el texto HereToStay al 877877

Call the Southern Poverty Law Center's Immigrant Justice Project at 1-800-591-3656 to ask questions in English or Spanish or make a report of police abuse, discrimination, or harassment, or find legal services.

Ordenes Ejecutivas 2017

Resumen de Ordenes Ejecutivas de Trump sobre Inmigración

Administrative Relief

Administrative Relief Resource Center

Federal Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR)

Alabama Orginizing Project

ACIJ Responds to House of Representatives Immigration Reform Bill Introduced Oct. 2, 2013

Summary of Senate Immigration Reform Bill S. 744

Facts About Immigration Reform from the White House

10 Immigration Facts Everyone Can Agree On (from U.S. Chamber of Commerce)

Resources for DREAMers (undocumented youth)

**Updated information about DACA renewal process**

Alabama Driver's Licenses for DACA Recipients

USCIS Process for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Don't be scammed! Important considerations for DACA applicants

Educational Resources / Recursos de Educación

Letter from U.S. Dept. of Education Regarding Equal Access to Public Education

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Equal Access to Public Education

Fact Sheet Regarding Equal Access to Public Education

List of English classes

GED Information Sheet (Spanish)

Frequently Asked Questions about College Financial Aid for Latino Families

Tips for Preparing for College (Spanish)

Basic Information about Scholarship Applications

2014-2015 MALDEF Scholarship Guide

Scholarships for Undocumented Students

2014 Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships from Educators for Fair Consideration

Where can I learn Spanish?

iSpeak-Offers language classes for both children and adults

Hoover Library has a Spanish Conversation Club that meets monthly

Jefferson County Library online access to Mango Language Learning (Must be resident and have library card for Jefferson County)

Alabama's Immigration Laws: HB 56 and HB 658

10/29/13: Information from SPLC about settlement of case against HB56

What You Need to Know About HB 56 (English, updated January 2014)

What You Need to Know About HB 56 (Spanish, updated January 2014)

"Turning Migrants Into Criminals" Report by Human Rights Watch

Alabama Language Access Project

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