College and Career Readiness Program for Latino Families

The goal of the My Future In My Hands program is to increase high school graduation and college enrollment among Hispanic youth. We will do this by introducing the idea that college is a possibility for them, it is affordable through planning, and is a good investment. We plant the dream of college graduation and a professional career and demystify the steps to admission and scholarships

The My Future in My Hands program targets families whose children aspire to be 1st generation college graduates. Most of our program participants come from families with little or no formal education, but they want to give their children a better future.

“My Future: In My Hands” program supports families as they prepare for college through several components:
  1. “Juntos” or Together – 6 weekly workshops that inspires families, demysifies the college enrollment process, helps them made a financial plan, and a family plan that includes a list of next steps.
  2. Mentoring: We then mentor the families and coach them through their family goals to keep them on track toward high school graduation and college enrollment.
  3. College 101
  4. Financial Aid Completion workshops
  5. All-day College and Career Readiness Symposium
  6. To make it all seem real, we organize a College Visit Day to UAB

Culturally Specific Programing
¡HICA! specializes in offering culturally specific programs for the Hispanic immigrant community. My Future In My Hands is designed for parents and high school youth Together because, in our culture, we live by familismo (or collectivism), meaning that all decisions are made by the family collectively. Higher education is a family goal in the Hispanic community, and our program supports youth and parents alike as they prepare for college.