Your use of the Job Bank indicates your agreement to, and acceptance of, the terms detailed below.

How do I hire workers through ¡HICA!?

  • Download the following Employment Agreement Form. Fill it out, sign it and email it to Asset Building and Economic Development staff member Raquel Vasquez at or fax it to (205)942-5525.

  • The program staff member will contact you directly through phone or email and inform you of possible candidates in our database.

  • You may also contact us at (205) 942-5505 or visit our office at 117 South Crest Drive, Birmingham, AL 35209

How does the program work?

¡HICA! acts ONLY as an information and referral agency, passing information from the potential employer to the potential employee. ¡HICA! does not screen individuals nor do we check their personal documents. ¡HICA! may be able to facilitate communication through the hiring process if there is a language barrier.

In what other ways can ¡HICA! help individuals find a job?

¡HICA! can help individuals create/improve their resume, CV or cover letter. ¡HICA! can also help individuals fill out job applications online or in paper if they cannot read/write in English. We also offer help in creating ads or presentation cards.

Does ¡HICA! screen the candidate or the employer?

No; the use of ¡HICA!’s Job Bank including treatment and performance from either the employee or employer is entirely at their own risk. It is the user's own responsibility to ensure and verify all terms of employment, payments and obligations. ¡HICA! does not screen possible employees or employers. ¡HICA! does not provide any warranty or guarantee as to the timeliness, completeness or suitability of workers' performance, nor to the accuracy of any of the information provided by either party. ¡HICA! only provides information from people looking for workers to people looking for work.

Is there any follow up?

Yes; to ensure satisfaction ¡HICA! may call both parties in the future. In addition, any employer or employee may call Raquel at (205)942-5505 or email her at with any comments or concerns. For employers who have had a positive experience with a particular worker, we will keep that information on file so that they can have the option to work with them again.